Like most people in the industry, we were all drawn into the world of radio straight out of university. With a passion for music across all genres and having held key management positions we know what works for radio. Together we have over 50 years of experience.  Radio is in our DNA and we love it!


Leo Da Estrela

Music Strategy


If you look carefully at where the ART and SCIENCE of radio programming intersect - you’ll find Leo.


A 20-year professional broadcast executive and entrepreneur combining the creative sparks and analytic vigor needed to help businesses achieve their marketing and revenue goals through media content programming.


Leo brings the perspective of a major market Program Director and consultant to help stations win! His insights on talent coaching, programmatic marketing, music research and ability to fine tune music schedulers help achieve effective positive changes and results.


As managing partner at Couture Media Inc, he helps clients create the perfect mood and ambiance for their business with unique music channels and visual displays. 


Specialties: Programming, Music curation, Research, Radio advertising, Management, Commercial Production, Communication, New media, Social networking.


Mark Dickie

Business Development


With 30+ years of sales, marketing and senior management experience in the radio broadcast and digital industries, Mark brings a two-punch of big picture thinking while at the same time diligence in executing the tiniest of details.


As General Manager for radio stations in Montreal, Ottawa and Cornwall, Mark was never afraid to turn things upside down. Mark has led many new ventures in the span of his career, including the launching of 5 new radio stations.


As a former General Manager, he brings perspective and insight to identify the opportunities your cluster will realize working with The Music Department.


The experiences Mark has lived in and out of the boardroom, balancing budgets, making tough decisions & choices to grow ratings and profit, adds significant value to TMD's relationship with clients. 


Specialties: Operations management, Advertising sales, Creativity, Promotions, Business development, Team building, Digital and social media.


Kara Yamich

Music Strategy


With over 15 years of music programming experience Kara understands what moves people. As a DJ playing the hottest restaurants, bars and clubs in Montreal, Kara has kept an ear to the ground on music trends, bringing those skills to the world of radio.


A decade long career as Music Director allowed her to hone her expertise in music scheduling, rotations, clocks and specialty programming.


Since 2010, she has been a multi-channel curator for Slacker Radio in the US, encompassing various genres. Her Slacker Soft Hits channel has consistently ranked #1 for TSL out of the 400-plus channel repertoire.


Kara is also Managing Partner at Couture Media Inc., who specialize in developing and creating custom music channels for retail and restaurant brands.


She also consults major market radio stations in Canada.