Our programming heads are former major-market managers who have extensive hands-on music programming experience. We bring an expertise and love for music to your team. We work hand-in-hand with your Program Director to make sure the process flows well and only the right songs for your music strategy get played.

We offer more than fulfilling the daily tasks of the job. As your music department you never need to worry about who will complete the logs when someone calls in sick, or finding replacements for vacations or recruiting when someone leaves.

Review & UNDERSTAnding

We start with a review of your current library, looking for the outliers and inconsistencies compared to top-ranked peer stations.  If you are fortunate to have a recent library test we audit to make sure it is being used properly against your music strategy. We evaluate the station’s clocks, music categories and rotations. With your Program Director’s input we make the necessary upgrades and execute.


Our programmers deliver seven days of finessed logs one week in advance of broadcast, accompanied by compliance reports as well as a music strategy summary. Post broadcast we reconcile what played and provide a final compliance report for the week.


We develop themed programs at your request.

  • Christmas music
  • Weekly Top 40 Countdowns
  • Top 500 Weekends
  • Kick-off to Summer
  • Year-end Countdowns
  • More…


Find out how we can be a dependable turnkey solution for your operation!