Is your music station going along for the run?

It has been a great month for Canada's radio industry. The launch announcements by RadioPlayer and iHeartRadio will certainly be a boost to maintain and grow radio’s usage outside the home and car. 

But… there always is always a but… is your radio station’s music up to competing in this larger environment? It is one thing to compete in a local universe of 10, 15 or 27 signals beaming into your city or town, but its an entirely different matter when a listener has 500+ radio stations at their fingertips to choose from. 


If your listener finds something new that they like it will affect your TSL. One of my favorite stations is London’s Heart 102. It has been a top preset on my TuneIn selections at the cottage and my SONOS at home for years. Local favorites lose at-home tuning to a station in England, because, it is exactly what I like and no one in our market is giving me exactly this type of radio station.


So more than ever as these new aggregated resources make it easier for listeners to take their radio stations everywhere they go, broadcasters need to sharpen their execution to assure their place on the digital dial is the best it can be – talent that listeners care about, memorable promotions and the right soundtrack. 


If you need help improving your music give us a call. We’d love to talk with you!

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