Radio is a new game...And there is a new playbook!

The business of radio has seen massive changes in recent years. And despite these changes the industry is still under attack from a revenue pov and the result is daily pressure to find new ways to bring stability to the top-line and turn over new stones to economize in operations.

The Music Department is a new venture founded by veteran radio managers looking to the near future when many broadcasters will turn to third-party suppliers to outsource back-office departments such as copywriting (many are already doing this), imaging production, (possibly) promotions, traffic and music scheduling.


Radio is only going to be relevant to its local communities if operating dollars are directed into developing local talent & shows that listeners relate to and embrace, memorable promotions, advertising and great music. The challenge though is how to pay for it all. Cost cutting if not directed properly inevitably hurts ratings, then shares, revenue and profitability.


At The Music Department we offer major market music strategies and programming for all sized markets at a substantially lower cost than it takes to currently run your music departments. It doesn’t matter if your stations are in small, medium or large markets we know how to build custom playlists with the right songs playing at the right time at the right rotations weekly. When these playlists are integrated with great talent & promotions that cut-through you have a winning radio station, and let’s be real… if your station is not top ranked in your market you are having difficulty making a profit. The money you will save working with us can be reinvested in other areas.


The idea of outsourcing music is not new. Many stations use freelancers to fill this role. We believe the alternative of working with a company provides security for this mission critical part of your business. If your stations’ TMD programmer is ill, on vacation or has a family emergency we have someone else equally qualified to execute your music logs.


We invite you to visit and learn more on how we can become your music department! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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