Winning in today's radio environment requires nothing less than revolutionary transformation, throwing away many ideas on how the business used to work. Building audience ratings is, more than ever, the key to financial success. Talent that listeners relate to and care about, memorable promotions and music they love are the ingredients! But how do you continue to afford it all?


We believe one of the most strategic plays in the new playbook is outsourcing your music scheduling to experienced radio pros. This gives a significant advantage over competitors who choose to cut costs in the wrong areas.


To provide major market caliber music programming for ratings success. All this at a fraction of the cost that it currently takes to operate a station’s music department. 


Broadcasters face increasing profitability challenges. “How much do we cut before we affect ratings? And where do we cut?” Our solution offers a win-win for both the finance and operations departments.

Easy To Implement

We work hand-in-hand with your Program Director to ensure that your music scheduling matches your music strategy. Then all you need is an assigned staff member to merge the music logs within your broadcast automation system.